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The Rescue Essentials Trauma Cube was developed in collaboration with a Federal Law Enforcement Agency to meet their needs as a multi-use trauma module for integration into medical kits, go bags, all-hazard kits and vehicles. This trauma module will readily integrate into most medical bags and provides the critical TCCC components needed to treat severe hemorrhagic and pulmonary injuries from penetrating trauma. With two hook material strips on the back of the pouch, it can be be easily affixed to many medical bags with loop fasteners or panels. The clam-shell opening provides clear and rapid access to all the medical components. No digging around in a bag or dumping the contents out to find what you need in a high stress incident. The Trauma Cube is also available empty allowing you to custom load your own kit.

Choose between the kit version (packed in the red Trauma Cube) or a refill option (packed in a ziplock bag).

The Rescue Essentials Trauma Cube and Refill Kit options both contain:

2   SOF Tourniquet
1   Celox Rapid, Z-Folded
1   H&H Thin H Bandage, Flat Fold
1   SAM Chest Seal 2.0, Valved, 9.2" x 7.6"
1   Compressed Gauze
1   Naso Airway w/ Lube, 28 Fr
1   Survival Emergency Blanket
1   Medic Reinforcement Tape, 2" x 100"
1   EMT Shears, 7.5"
1   Mini Sharpie Marker
1   Rolled Nitrile Gloves, Large

Dimensions: 9.5" H x 9" W x 2.5" D (Trauma Cube Option)
Dimensions: 8.5" H x 8" W x 3" D (Refill Kit Option)
Weight: 2 lbs 5.76 oz (Trauma Cube Option)
Weight: 2 lbs (Refill Kit Option)

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