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The Rescue Essentials Trauma Cap is an innovative, simple and elegant medical product that will significantly improve and standardize treatment to head trauma, ultimately resulting in better outcomes to life threatening injuries. 

The Trauma Cap addresses many issues first responders face when dealing with head wounds, including:

  • The scalp is difficult to treat for trauma, hemostasis, and lacerations.
  • No easy way to apply sufficient necessary pressure to head wounds. It requires manual compression.
  • Difficult to treat without moving the neck in the event of multiple traumatic injuries.
  • Dealing with head wounds requires time, potentially delaying treatment of additional life-threatening injuries during the "Golden Hour"

The Trauma Cap addresses all of the above concerns. The patented device has been designed and tested by emergency physicians and is intended to serve as a mechanical replacement to manual pressure on scalp lacerations. 


  • Latex-free
  • FDA-cleared
  • One size fits most
  • Quicker alternative to manual head bandage
  • Straps can be customized to adjust pressure
  • Optional chin strap

1. Apply a sterile gauze pad to bleeding head wound.
2. Open the cap and apply to head with elastic strap anchor point positioned behind patient’s head.
3. Pull elastic bands forward so their common anchor point is firm behind head.
4. Secure the elastic hook and loop fasteners to the front of cap. Cover ears if needed.
5. Extra fastener straps should be applied for additional compression across the scalp. 
6. Monitor closely and adjust if needed.





Trauma Cap info sheet