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This IFAK is built on the unique, lo-profile FLAT IFAK Pouch platform and is loaded with essential TCCC components to address traumatic injuries in a variety of situations. With the unique sleeve design, the FLAT IFAK can be MOLLE mounted in a variety of locations such as on a ballistic vest, a pack exterior, or on the MOLLEHead Vehicle Mount, providing rapid access when you need it, and secure, lo-profile storage when you don't.

Dual pull handles provide access to the inner sleeve from either direction. When mounted on the front or back of a tactical vest or gun-belt, it can easily be accessed from either side. Nylon handle covers provide tactile feedback and confirmation of the pull handles. The PALS panel on the front of the pouch provides a mounting point for additional items such as mag pouches, tactical light holsters or cell phone pouches.

The slim design can be mounted without taking up too much real-estate or adding bulk, but the ample size still carries what you need in an emergency.


1   Windlass Tourniquet (choose CAT, SOFTT-W, or SAM XT)
1   Rescue Essentials Packing Gauze
1   RE 4" Trauma Dressing
1   NAR Hyfin Compact Chest Seal, Twin Pack
1   Compact Hypothermia Blanket
1   Pre-Lubricated Naso Airway, 28 Fr
1   Mini Sharpie Marker
1   Pair Nitrile Gloves
1   EMT Shears, 5.5"