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This IFAK is built on the unique, lo-profile FLAT IFAK Pouch platform and is loaded with essential TCCC components to address traumatic injuries in a variety of situations. With the unique sleeve design, the FLAT IFAK can be MOLLE mounted in a variety of locations such as on a ballistic vest, a pack exterior, or on the MOLLEHead Vehicle Mount, providing rapid access when you need it, and secure, lo-profile storage when you don't.

Dual pull handles provide access to the inner sleeve from either direction. When mounted on the front or back of a tactical vest or gun-belt, it can easily be accessed from either side. Nylon handle covers provide tactile feedback and confirmation of the pull handles. The PALS panel on the front of the pouch provides a mounting point for additional items such as mag pouches, tactical light holsters or cell phone pouches.

The slim design can be mounted without taking up too much real-estate or adding bulk, but the ample size still carries what you need in an emergency.


1   Windlass Tourniquet (choose CAT, SOFTT-W, or SAM XT)
1   Compressed Gauze
1   RE 4" Trauma Dressing
1   Pre-Lubricated Naso Airway, 28 Fr
1   NAR Hyfin Compact Chest Seal, Twin Pack

1   Compact Hypothermia Blanket
1   Mini Sharpie Marker
1   EMT Shears, 5.5"
1   Pair Nitrile Gloves
1   QuikClot Combat Gauze LE (OPTIONAL)


To ensure best quality and timely delivery, we may substitute items in our kits and modules with products of equal or better quality.




Bleeding ControlAirway ManagementRespirationHypothermiaToolsPersonal Protection

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  • 5
    Great design

    Posted by Daniel on 05 09 2024

    The Flat IFAK is thoughtfully designed: the clear vinyl/silicone handles on both sides give great tactile feedback (especially if the pack is behind you) before pulling the inner pack out of its holder. Everything inside is efficiently arranged. Nice work.

  • 4
    Flat IPAK

    Posted by Mike on 10 14 2021

    Seems to be a good product but was missing an item when I received it.

  • 4
    Good IFAK Solution, but bigger than expected

    Posted by Drew on 08 03 2021

    I like the concept of this IFAK a lot. The construction feels durable- about 5:11 quality, but not FirstSpear level. Contents are excellent, and the organization makes a lot of sense. The scissors I received desperately needed oiling and were extremely tight from the package. I wanted to mount this on a plate carrier but will stick with the pouch I previously had since it does not lie nearly as flat as I expected it to be. With this attached to my carrier, it always seemed to be just big enough to get in the way. There is plenty of room inside- actually enough for more compressed gauze and 2 more TQ's. For a backpack or vehicle-mounted application, this would be superb, but for my use it doesn't quite work out. I'd love to see RE develop a 'mini' version of this product that is perhaps a bit wider, but much thinner. This would mount perfectly at 6:00 on a carrier without impacting a hydration setup or backpack.

  • 4
    Flat IFAK

    Posted by Wayne on 05 15 2021

    Good kit overall. Needs to be offered in different colors - Multicam, Tan, OD Green.

  • 4
    Great kit

    Posted by Bill R on 05 04 2021

    This IFAK is great overall. I bought it to keep in my briefcase at work, since carrying a bulkier IFAK would draw attention in a business environment. I use it without the mounting sleeve, and it is 2.5" - 3" thick. I wish there were more options to spread the contents out to make it larger but thinner, but the one strip of velcro that keeps it closed doesn't allow this. Even so, it's the best kit I've been able to find to fit my needs.