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Hemostatic agents are designed to promote rapid blood coagulation in the event of a traumatic wound involving an arterial bleed. Hemostatic gauze products are now widely available to EMS professionals and first responders, and approved for all levels of training in some areas. These products have saved many lives on the battlefield and are now also being used to stop traumatic bleeding in workplace, motor vehicle, and at-home accidents. 

QuikClot was the first hemostatic agent adopted by the United States Military. QuikClot Combat Gauze is still favored by much of the US Military. Later developments led to chitosan-based products such as Celox, which are proven safe and effective. The use of Celox hemostatic granules and chitosan-impregnated gauze can quickly and safely stop blood flow from potentially lethal wounds. Hemostatic gauze dressings using the active ingredient chitosan include Celox, Chito-SAM and Hemcon. CoTCCC (the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care) has long recommended QuikClot Combat Gauze as the hemostatic agent of choice for all branches of the US Military. 

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