Celox 8" x 8" (Multi-Pad)


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Celox hemostatic gauze pads use the same technology that has made Celox products a trusted resource for responders world-wide. The active ingredient, chitosan, is unlike pro-coagulant products, as it works independently of the body's clotting cascade, Celox is effective in the presence of blood thinners like Heparin or Coumadin, and even clots hypothermic blood.

Celox 8" x 8" is a versatile dressing that is pre-scored folded so it can be used as is, packed into deeper wounds or quickly torn into 4x4 pads to fit smaller injuries, or for packing penetrating wounds with smaller openings. .

Directions for use:

1.  Blot away excess blood or fluid from the wound.
2.  Apply CELOX™ Gauze pad onto wound to cover entire bleeding area. CELOX™ should be applied directly to source of bleeding.
     If bleeding source is below the wound surface then CELOX™ 8x8 Gauze can be tightly packed into the wound.
3.  Apply firm pressure for 1 to 3 Minutes depending on the severity of the bleeding.
4.  If bleeding continues, apply pressure for 3 more minutes. If CELOX™ Gauze becomes saturated with blood, then use an additional dressing.
5.  Transfer patient to medical facilities as soon as possible.
6.  Show empty pack to medical personnel.
7.  Discard any unused product.

Dimensions: 6.75" H x 6.25" W x .25" D
Weight: 0.8 oz

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    Small way to carry

    Posted by Carlos huerta on 02 05 2016

    I love these 4x4 pads to carry on my bag for edc.