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From top manufacturers such as North American Rescue, First Care, TacMed Solutions, and H&H, Rescue Essentials offers you a comprehensive selection of the best emergency dressings and bandages in the world, including the Israeli Emergency Bandage, Olaes and “H” Bandages. We offer a variety of solutions to meet the financial and logistical demands for all sorts of emergency and tactical medical teams.

Our premium dressings are designed with your space and weight restrictions in mind. Folded, vacuum-sealed, and made with modern, lightweight materials, these premium trauma dressings will pack easily into any emergency supply kit. Some of the types of trauma dressings and bandages we offer:

  • Israeli Emergency Bandage 4" and 6"
  • H&H Medical "H" Bandage
  • NAR Emergency Trauma Dressings (ETDs)
  • TacMed Solutions Olaes Modular Trauma Bandages
  • Absorbent Foam Dressings
  • Emergency Pressure Dressings
  • Eye Shields
  • Israeli T3 Bandage
  • Abdominal/Stump Dressings
  • TacMed Solutions Blast Bandages
  • Compression Dressings

        The Emergency Bandage, also called the Israeli Bandage, was first used in the mid-1990s. With the added built-in pressure, tactical medics were able to apply pressure to a wound more easily, more accurately, and more consistently. Israeli Bandages offer several advantages over other dressings:

  • A pressure applicator bar can be placed directly over a wound, applying pressure, and stopping the bleeding.
  • An easy-to-use closure bar secures the bandage and applies additional pressure to the wound.
  • A non-adherent dressing allows removal of the bandage without reopening the wound.
    To learn more about our range of tactical trauma dressings and to learn more about bulk pricing options, contact us at 1-866-711-4843