Israeli T3 Bandage - 4"

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  • A new, improved version of the Israeli Bandage.
  • Expandable sterile pad – effective dressing for severe wounds, burns and amputations.
  • Detachable sterile pad – effective dressing for entry/exit wounds and multiple wound locations.
  • Folded gauze for cleaning/packing and dressing. 
  • Compact and lightweight 

The T3 Bandage provides a multi-functional solution to a wide range of injuries in a compact package. While enhancing the treatment of conventional wounds, abdominal and large wounds, amputations, entrance/exit wounds and more, the bandage allows cleaning, packing, coverage and compression of single and multiple wounds. This all-in-one bandage reduces the amount of equipment military personnel carry and is suitable for first aid combat emergency kits. The bandage is easily applied by untrained personnel and makes an ideal personal field dressing for every soldier. The T3 Bandage features a fully expandable and detachable large sterile dressing pad, and elasticized cloth leader, an easy to use closure bar and an extractable gauze for cleaning/packaging and secondary wound dressing.

 First Care's emergency Israeli bandages are the best bandages in the world, produced in Israel for the American military. They are developed and manufactured as innovative first-response medical products to improve field hemorrhage control and to save lives. These bandages have been adopted by military and civilian organizations worldwide.


Dimensions: 4.5" L x 2.75" W x 1.75" D
Weight: 3.8 oz 


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    Israeli T-3 Bandage

    Posted by Bryan Jones on 04 01 2019

    I was skeptical about the size of this bandage. I received this product and was able to insert it into my ankle IFAK. the bandage fits well into the small pocket of the ankle IFAK and does not protrude or "print" to where anyone could notice that I'm carrying it. I highly recommend this product to anyone but especially anyone who is limited on carrying options. This product is essential to complete the process of stopping massive hemorrhage. I cannot say enough how important it is that you consider carrying one of these.

  • 4
    On firs impression, seems very good

    Posted by Allen on 03 21 2018

    This review should be read with the understanding that I have not opened or used the product, nor will I until an unfortunate accident calls for it. With that said, the package is perfect for an IFAK or other small kit. It is vacuum sealed in a very sturdy wrap that has easy tear slots all the way around it. It also has instruction printed on the package should you forget how to properly use it I also has a wide range of feature that makes it very versatile. I would recommend this for any emergency kit.

  • 5
    Top Notch and Cutting edge!

    Posted by Donny on 07 27 2017

    Top of the line and great innovation and updating. Between this and the Oales they are a compact way to have a number of different pieces of gear with you for that just in case scenario! I highly recommend!!!

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    One package with almost everything you need

    Posted by Unknown on 04 30 2016

    This is the same great bandage but with an additional pad that can be separated for treating an entrance and exit wound and additional gauze for packing the wound if needed. The package is only slightly thicker than the original Israeli bandage. One package is nice instead of having to carry a separate package of gauze. This has replaced the original Israeli bandage that I carry on duty in my cargo pocket while working and in my EDC bag.

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    Viersital multiuse multipurpose bandage

    Posted by John on 03 22 2016

    I've become a huge fan if Israeli bandages. The new T3 gives you even more flexibility in its use and deployment.