CoFlex AFD (Absorbent Foam Dressing) 4" TAN

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CoFlex AFD is an all-in-one foam pad dressing and cohesive bandage. It features high absortion and retention of exudate, reducing the risk of maceration.

* Soft and comfortable CoFlex LF base improves patient compliance, heals faster
* Waterproof film layer over foam pad prevents leakage, drying out, and contamination
* Provides controlled compression
* Non-adherent to wound bed, protects delicate granulation tissue, avoids trauma during dressing changes
* Latex Free
* Soft, comfortable and non-irritating
* Easy tear - no scissors or shears needed
* Sweat and water resistant; won't slip or loosen
* Hydrophyllic/hydrocolloid foam pad absorbs up to 13 times its weight

Dimensions: 4" W x 2.5 yds L
Weight: 1.5 oz

TAN only