DTK 2 Split Kit


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This low-profile kit is intended to provide a slim trauma kit, undetectable to the wearer. It is designed to fit comfortably and securely under ballistic plates or concealable armor. The clear packaging is engineered with two separate compartments, each with it's own zipper, allowing components to stay in place, easy to find, and readily accessible.

Please note that a tourniquet is NOT included in this kit. This is to encourage a more accessible tourniquet carry on the outside of a vest or belt using a holder such as the Universal Tourniquet Holder.


1   Combat Gauze
2   Z-Fold Gauze
2   Occlusive Dressing
1   Decompression
1   NPA W/ 550
1   3" Elastic Bandage
1   Pair Nitrile Gloves
1   Casualty Card
2   2" Safety Pins
1   Sharpie


  • Contents are fully accessible
  • Simple, Reliable, & Trainable
  • Reduced Bulk, Weight, and Stiffness
  • Improved capability during the Golden Hour
  • Patent #'s 8.925.115 & 9.439.819

Dimensions: 11" H x 9" W x 0.75" D
Weight: 11.7 oz