K9 Handler Trauma Kit

TacMed Solutions

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The TacMed™ K9 Handler Trauma Kit provides K9 Teams with necessary components to treat life-threatening injuries for both handler and K9s, especially in law enforcement or military environments. In addition to a variety of medical equipment, this kit contains items for addressing specific K9 injuries, such as a K9 tourniquet, muzzle, endotracheal tube and 14 ga decompression needles to address torsion and bloat.

1 SOF® Tourniquet, Gen 4
1 OLAES® Modular Bandage, 4"
1 K9 Tourniquet (for K9 use only)
1 K9 Muzzle
2 Angiocath with hard plastic case, 14ga x 3.25
1 8.0 ET Tube with Stylet
1 Flexi-Slip 10FR Stylet
1 10cc Syringe
1 Beacon Chest Seal (2-pack, nonvented)
1 Sensi-Wrap, 3"
2 Pair Black Nitrile Gloves (size XL)