PAX Bicycle Bag L


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Sporty and extremely functional. The PAX Bicycle Bag L is the perfect bicycle bag for those who like it practical. The robust material in a trendy look encloses your equipment in a waterproof and dust-proof system. The design of the bag allows the use on both sides of the racks. Equipped with a universal fastening system, our panniers can be attached to almost any bicycle rack. Whether you need a bicycle bag for to carry medical gear, professional duty equipment, your daily ride to the office, to school or on a bikepacking trip, PAX will become your go-to pannier. The internal pouches can be removed or rearranged so you can customize the loadout. Thanks to our Quick-Lock mounts, you can easily remove and reattach your bag from the rack. Our PAX Comfort Shoulder Straps allow you to carry your bag comfortably on your back if you need to continue your mission on foot.

The PAX Set of inner pouches are included. Colors may vary.



Review from the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA):
"Our equipment bags fit nicely into the PAX panniers. There was minimal load shifting with curb ascents and descents as well as stair descents. The attachment system securely held the pannier to the rack without concerns for dislodgement. There was unused space at the top of the pannier that could be used for extra equipment or clothing for the shift. We liked the PAX pannier for several reasons: in regard to safety, we like the high visibility color and reflective applications; in regard to functionality, we like the side-zippers and unhindered access afforded by the large opening; in regard to durability, we like the heavy-duty materials and attachment system..." Read the full review here>>