Paratus Tactical Medical Pack

Rescue Essentials®

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The Rescue Essentials Paratus Tactical Medical Pack was specifically designed for Tactical EMT’s who need to carry a combination of TCCC, BLS, Plus IV or AED. Larger than most combat aid bags, the Paratus can hold a full tactical BLS EMT loadout and be run as jump bag or as a shoulder pack. Great for storing large, flat items like Trauma Dressings, Hypothermia Heating Pads, Burn Sheets, Soft Litters or even Armor Inserts. 

The Paratus has a number of unique features designed to assist in the organization of your medical components: 

Internal Med Modules
Seven internal modules are included - 1 large, 4 medium and 2 small. Each module has a clear view window so you can see what’s inside. A 5” loop strip on the front of the modules allows you to label them with the included labels or your own custom labels. Unlike top loading modules which force you to dig down through components to reach something in the bottom, the front loading modules of the Paratus make it easy to access all components. Modules are held in the pack with hook strips but can quickly be removed for easier access or hand off to other medics. The modules include internal pockets for storage of smaller items, color coded handles and red zipper pulls to make it easy to find the zippers in low light conditions. 

Dedicated BLS Airway Module
The large module in the Paratus was designed specifically to hold a full complement of BLS airway components including: BVM, OPA’s, NPA’s, Suction, Cric Kit and an i-Gel Airway. 

Integrated Internal Organization
The inside of the Paratus has a number of features for organizing your medical gear. Including:

  1. Integrated Tools Holder – Great for easily lost small items like forceps, tweezers, Kelly clamps, bandage scissors, penlights, etc.
  2. Integrated EMT Shears Holder – Holds up to a 7.5” Shears for immediate access.
  3. Rapid Access Pockets – Two small pockets on the inside top of the pack are great for storing gloves and a headlamp. Also makes a great storage area for your Pulse Ox to protect it from damage.
  4. i-Gel Holders – Elastic straps strategically positioned inside the pack hold i-Gel Airways, liter bags of solution or chemlights. 

Outside Pocket with Full Length Zipper
A large capacity outside pocket with a full length vertical zipper allows rapid access to components. Great for storing large, flat items like Trauma Dressings, Hypothermia Heating Pads, Burn Sheets or Soft Litters. 

External PALS
Laser cut PALS on the back and sides of the Paratus allow you to mount components for immediate access or expanded load capacity. Items such as IFAK Pouches, Tourniquet Holders, STS Traction Splints, or Litter Carriers can easily be mounted to the Paratus. 

Dual Jump Bag Handles
Both vertical and horizontal padded handles allow easy removal and carry of the pack from vehicles, making it easy to run the pack as a jump bag if not using the shoulder straps. 

Rapid Deployment Shoulder Straps
The padded, ergonomic shoulder straps can rapidly be deployed for shoulder carry if needed. When not needed, they can be safely stored out of the way so they don’t interfere with carrying the pack. 

Biner Handle
The small external handle on the back of the pack aids in opening the pack, but can also be used with a carabiner for holding the pack open in vehicles.

Dimensions: 24" H x15" W x 5" D
Volume: 1,800 Cubic Inches
Weight: 4lb 9oz