M2 2" Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet (RMT) Tan

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The 2" Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet's two inch width enhances global pressure, while utilizing the m2 Ratcheting Buckle and Ladder Strap. Simple 2 step instruction makes it fast and the leverage provided by the ratchet system makes it highly effective.

A ‘tactical tool’ for both training and practical application.

Intended Users—All military personnel, SWAT, Police, Remote Sport and Hunting enthusiasts, Border Patrol, Homeland Security, Park Services and Tactical Response Units

This is the lightest, and smallest volume RMT. It uses a Small Ratcheting Buckle, Short Ladder Strap, and 1.5” webbing. The RMT can be quickly and effectively applied with a single hand and in total darkness, given thorough training. Applies precise mechanical pressure using only gross motor skills. System is self locking requiring no any additional steps. Ratcheting sound when activated. Proven technology since 2002. Users must train regularly for optimal response.

Dimensions (packaged): 5.25" L x 2" W x 1.25" D
Weight: 5 oz

m2® inc Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet™ (RMT™) Features from m2 buckles on Vimeo.

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    2" RMT

    Posted by Jim on 06 07 2021

    Excellent all around tourniquet. Simple operation with a little training. Simple and effective is what you want if you are in a situation that you need to use this. Down side is no holders made for this piece of kit yet, but not a deal breaker. I carry the RMT 2" along with the RAT for EDC

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    M2 RMT

    Posted by Ron Doherty on 01 09 2021

    Items arrived in Aus. well packaged and quite quickly. Happy with product and service.

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    M2 Tourniquet

    Posted by Joel S. on 11 03 2019

    One of the better arterial tourniquets on the market. Good price and excellent delivery time

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    great Tournequte for duty use

    Posted by Unknown on 03 19 2018

    *like the product says, you need to practice with it so you know how to use it properly* like any Tournequte (TQ). A key factor is getting the cinch as tight as possible for ratchet to be effective. This style only uses gross motor skills to apply unlike some others, which is important for when your addrenaline is going and you have other threats to focus on. I keep this as my personal TQ and a cat t for others. This TQ is alittle bulky when folded due to the ratchet so i keep it flat and tucked into the soft plate pocket of my vest as there doesnt seem to be a good holster for it yet. Really cant notice it when flat and the ratchet buckle makes for an easy grab to deploy. It is easy to deploy once preset. Only downside ive found is the color options, black or dark blue would be nice to wear on the outside of the uniform, but not necessary.