Conterra USAR Medical Response Pack (Tactical Black)

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This pack was originally designed for the ultra-elite FBI hostage rescue team. This highly specialized pack is made from Ballistics nylon and CORDURA®, and utilizes nearly 100% of its volume by virtue of its unique shape.

By using Conterra's modular accessory kits (sold separately) you can carry: one aluminum "D" O-2 tank, BVM & masks, one liter of I.V. fluid, mini drug kit, intubation kit, hemorrhage control kit, suction, two to three C collars, and various other assessment and trauma supplies, all in a pack that measures less than 9" x 13" x 25"!

The suspension system is the same as used on Conterra's technical climbing packs, and it folds away when the USAR pack is used as a duffel bag.

This specialized kit is definitely not for everyone, but if you need to go light, fast, and lean, this is the pack for you.

Volume: 2,900 ci
9" x 13" x 25"
2 Lbs 9.5 oz