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The FREE Route App automatically connects to everything you've ordered from Rescue Essentials and all your favorite retailers. Visually track your packages anytime, anywhere. Stop hunting for tracking numbers or digging through emails and spend more time doing literally anything else.

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Fully protect your orders from damage, loss or theft with Route+

Add Route+ during checkout and unlock full package protection and seamless 1-click claims filing.

The cost of the optional insurance is .98% of the pre-tax/pre-shipping order total. (less than 1%)

Your order is damaged, lost or stolen, what do you do?

In the unfortunate case that your order never arrives or is broken upon arrival, you can easily file a claim with Route and receive a replacement or be fully reimbursed.

* Claims for packages marked "delivered" must be filed after 5 days and before 15 days from the date the package was marked "delivered." Claims for packages presumed to be lost (where the status is not "delivered") must be filed after 7 (20 for international) days and within 30 days from the last checkpoint.

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Route User Reviews

Route seriously saves me so much time. Open the app and I can visually see the status of EVERY order i make, and where it is on the map. No more worrying, no more follow ups with customer service, and no more wondering. I know exactly where my items are, where they are going, and when they are arriving.
JET__BLACK, 11/15/2019

I’ve had a bad experience with never receiving a package and not being able to get ahold of the company (not Rescue Essentials). But if I have route I can get my money back if something happens! I don’t know how I lived without this. Love it. ❤❤❤❤
kels645, 07/30/2020

It’s so nice to have all my orders tracked on one app instead of checking multiple emails and different tracking codes. It’s super accurate and I like that it actually shows you were your items are at. As soon as a package is delivered, it almost instantly alerts me that it’s here and has been a blessing with having a newborn and having to order things constantly! Highly recommend this app to anyone.

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