Adult BVM Pressure Device


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This Adult BVM flow control valve was funded by grants and contracts from NIH, NSF, Military and Air Force. This BVM fits between a manual resuscitator and a patient mask/airway. The valve keeps flow rates of air from exceeding 55 LPM during manual ventilation. Regulation of air flow has been shown to reduce peak airway pressures, excessive tidal volumes and excessive breath delivery rates, minimizing the risk of over-pressurization, over-ventilation and hyperventilation.

Sotair’s design is easy to use and only requires 30 seconds for training. The device gives real-time, multi-sensory feedback (haptic, auditory, visual) to help providers, enhancing adaptability and consistency in patient care no matter the patient type or lung condition.


  • FDA 510(k) cleared for Adult, single patient use
  • Intended to minimize air entry into the stomach
  • Immediate real-time haptic auditory and visual feedback
  • Decreases provider variability and improves consistency of ventilation
  • 100% activation and flow limiting testing ensures reliability in performance
  • 30 second basic training





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