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Public access to life saving tools is a vital component of the Stop the Bleed Initiative. By empowering civilians to act by providing access to critical trauma supplies, lives can be saved during medical emergencies while waiting for professional first responders to arrive on scene.

This thin metal cabinet is an option for public access to bleeding control or other medical supplies. This cabinet is sold empty, or can be purchased with two different loaded configurations as described below. The cabinet is intended to be wall mounted and provides a slim-profile.

Option 1: Public Access Trauma Cube + Thin Metal Cabinet


1 Public Access Trauma Cube contains:
2    Combat Application Tourniquets (CAT)

1    H&H Thin H Flat Fold Bandage
2    NAR Compressed Gauze
2    Hyfin Vent COMPACT Chest Seal Twin Pack

1    EMT Shears, 7.5"
1    Survival Rescue Blanket

1    Mini Sharpie Marker
1    Bleeding Control Instruction Card 
2    Pair Nitrile Gloves, Large


Option 2: Two Bleeding Control Kits + Thin Metal Cabinet


2  Bleeding Control Clamshell Pouches each contain:
1  CAT Tourniquet

1  Emergency Pressure Dressing, 4"
2  NAR S-Rolled Gauze, 4.5" x 4.1 yds
1  EMT Shears, Black, 5.5"
1  RE Mini Sharpie Marker
1  Bleeding Control Instruction Card
2  Nitrile Gloves, Large


Dimensions: 11.25" H x 11.25" W X 3.25" D (cabinet, exterior)



Dimensions: 11.25" H x 11.25" W x 3.25" D

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    Mostly OK, a few flaws

    Posted by Barry Oliver on 02 06 2022

    Ok, this mostly does what is required, but when they say thin, they aren't kidding. I bought these to hold 2 bleeding control kits, and they do so adequately, but I have some small gripes. The first thing is that there are two ways to mount the handle due to the screw spacing, so I ended up having to flip one so they would match. This is important because my original intent was to mount one left-open and one right-open. I should have been able to do that since the "Bleeding control kit" sticker was separate. But there is also a "Rescue Essentials" sticker that is not shown in the advertisement already affixed and would have made a mess and looked awful had I continued to try to peel it. So, I was locked in to one orientation for aesthetics. My second issue with these cabinets is structural. The door hinge is attached with the cheapest Chinese aluminum rivets I have ever seen and one pulled out the first time I opened the door. If these are ever needed in an emergency, I fully expect to be repairing the doors after their first usage. This is a $40 cabinet being sold for almost $95. Normally medical stuff is more expensive because it's higher quality. This is not.