Clear Blood Simulant for Wound Cube - 1 oz and 8 oz


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The Clear Blood Simulant is intended for use with the Phokus Wound Cube for wound packing training. The stain-free Clear Blood allows students to get realistic practice in wound packing while being able to see what is happening in real time, and training gauze will feel dry after coming into contact with the Clear Blood. The Clear Blood dries readily (no clean-up needed) and you only need to use 1-2 cc of clear blood per wound packing repetition.


  • Adds realism while learning the basics
  • No mess
  • Dries quickly
  • No Staining
  • 1-2 cc's per Wound Pack is all that's needed


  • Clear Blood Container (1 oz or 8 oz)
  • 10 cc Syringe
  • Sealed Bag

Dimensions: 6.25" H x 2" W x 2" D (8 oz bottle)
Dimensions: 2.25" H x 1.25" W x 1.25" D (1 oz bottle)
Weight: 9.4 oz (8 oz bottle)
Weight: 1.3 oz (1 oz bottle)

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