Composite Replacement Kit for Mochtech IV Trainer


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The Supply Kit is for the Composite Model of the Mochtech Multi-Insertion Training System. This Composite Replacement Kit for IV Trainer is designed to replace the essential training components that are necessary for using the device.

M.I.T.S. is a compact and self-contained training device used for practicing multiple needle insertion techniques on a single product whenever needed. Traditional needle insertion training products are only made for a classroom setting but this M.I.T.S. is portable giving one the ability to train at any time.


4 Skins
3 Feet of Red Tubing
3 Feet of Blue Tubing
1 Red Clip
1 White Clip
1 Stopcock
1 Flesh Pad
1 Syringe
5 Bone Chips
5 Crico Membranes