Control Wrap, 6"

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Control Wrap 6" elastic bandage is designed to make life a little easier when under stress. A series of brakes is incorporated into each elastic bandage. These brakes prevent accidental un-rolling during application. The brakes also provide grip surfaces during the wrapping process and assist in maintaining the desired pressure and position of the bandage. This is extremely helpful when changing angles during the wrapping process or when bandaging awkward injuries. 

By reducing the risk of accidental unrolling of the bandage, you minimize the following risks:

Contaminating a clean bandage.
Waste of a bandage due to contamination.
Lost time while managing loose ends.
Loss of pressure after applying the bandage due to shifting of material. 

Dimensions: 6" W x 72" L
Weight: 2.7 oz

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  • 5
    part of K-9 IFAK

    Posted by Unknown on 04 05 2017

    very happy. part of our K-9 IFAK.......

  • 5
    Excellent large wrap

    Posted by Joel on 01 13 2016

    Nothing but the best from Rescue Essentials! There is never any doubt as to the quality and service and price! I buy all my Stomp II items and my First Aid items from Rescue Essentials! They have everything you need to stock your kits. The delivery is fast and complete. The prices are excellent and the quality is beyond excellent. I use to visit other sites for gear but I do not now. Rescue Essentials is my one stop on-line store! I highly recommend Rescue Essentials to anyone !!!!! AAAA+++++

  • 5
    What an ACE should be

    Posted by Listerman on 03 03 2014

    All the benefits of an ACE without the unintentional unrolling. Simple and works.

  • 5
    Another outstanding product.

    Posted by Michael Thiffault on 02 10 2014

    I have used the 6" Control Wrap to bandage an akle injury in the past. The velcro through out the roll comes in handy if you drop the roll. The securing bar is another great feature for securing the roll in place. I highly recommend this product.