CR123A Battery 2 Pack

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Keep a convenient 2-pack of  CR123A 3V lithium batteries (non-rechargeable) on hand so you're prepared when you need additional power. These high-capacity batteries deliver long run-times in flashlights (LED or incandescent), cameras, or other tech devices. These batteries include PTC protection (threshold is 5 amps) and they prevent excessive discharge that could damage lithium cells.

These batteries work great as replacement or back-up power for compatible flashlights such as the Fenix TK26R Tactical Flashlight or the Fenix PD35 V2.0 Tactical Flashlight.


  • Voltage 3V
  • Normal Capacity 1400 mAh
  • Self-discharge Rate <1% per Year
  • Max. Constant Current 1500mAh
  • Max Pulse Current 3000mAh
  • Normal Weight 16 g
  • Operating Temperature -20 C ~ 60 C
  • PTC High Current Discharge Protection 5AMP
  • UL listed and Passed UN transportation tests (T1-T8)
  • Warning: Can Not Be Recharged