Atwater Carey Dome Pre-Treated Mosquito Net

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This is perfect choice for travelers who expect to spend nights outside or in un-screened buildings. Also ideal for outdoorsmen in mosquito-ridden areas.
  • Features built-in Insect Shield® permethrin insect repellent, Repels mosquitoes, ticks, flies and fleas
  • Free standing - sets up on ground, over sleeping bags, double bed or cots
  • High visibility back mesh, Fire-resistant nylon netting
  • Size: 5.4' width X 8.8' length, Snap together fiberglass poles
  • Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and international travelers
About Insect Shield®

Insect Shield Repellent Apparel and Gear like the Atwater Carey pre-treated mosquito nets and screens are revolutionary products designed to provide long-lasting, effective and convenient personal insect protection. The Insect Shield process works by binding a proprietary permethrin formula tightly to the fabric fibers of the nets and screens – resulting in effective, odorless insect protection that lasts the expected lifetime of the products without re-treatment. The durable protection provided by Insect Shield apparel and gear is the result of years of research and testing.

Weight: 13.7 oz