Edge Eyewear Sharp Edge Thin Temple 3 Lens Kit - Black Frame (Clear, Tiger, & G-15 Lens)

Edge Eyewear

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When you need clear vision in a variety of lighting environments, this is a great choice. The Sharp Edge Thin Temple comes with three pairs of lenses, the Vapor Shield G-15 (allows only 15% of light to pass through), Tiger's Eye (allows 50% of light to pass through) and Clear (allows 85% of light to pass through). Both sets of lenses are equipped with Edge Vapor Shield, a military-grade anti-fog system that was designed to stand-up to extreme environments and keep your vision clear. All Edge Tactical Eyewear is ballistic safety rated to ANSI, MCEPS, and EN166 standards.

The G-15 lens was engineered after extensive experimentation, largely based on results from U.S. Air Force studies. It was determined that transmission of green and yellow light is best received by the human eye, 

The Tiger's Eye Lens offers a blue light filter for better clarity. Blue light enters your eye with a shorter wavelength, which creates a focus point further in front of your retina. This results in a slight blur, reducing the sharpness of the image you perceive, leading to excessive eye-strain. This copper-colored lens filters out the right amount of blue light, providing you with better depth perception and clarity, making your field of view brighter and sharper.

The Clear lens allows 85% of light to pass through, while still providing 99.9% UVA / UVB / UVC protection.

Kit includes: lens cleaning bag, hard case, gummy leash, and two sets of lenses (Clear and Tiger's Eye).

Dimensions: 0.75" H x 5.5" W (frame)
Dimensions: 4" H x 7.25" W x 3.5" D (packaged)
Weight: 1.28 oz (glasses)
Weight: 6.08 oz (packaged)