HeartSine Samaritan AVIATION PAD-PAK with TSO-C142a


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Tailored for high-altitude travel, the HeartSine samaritan AVIATION PAD-PAK stands as a dependable complement to the HeartSine samaritan AED on your aircraft. This PAD-PAK encompasses a defibrillation pad set and a battery, presenting a budget-friendly means of upkeeping your AED. With a unified package, the concern of managing various expiration dates vanishes, freeing your attention for other pivotal facets of your aviation endeavors.

This PAD-PAK can sustain 6 hours of uninterrupted monitoring or deliver 60 shocks, guaranteeing sufficient power to manage any circumstance in the air or on the ground. When prioritizing the safety of your passengers and crew, a steadfast and enduring power supply becomes indispensable.

The HeartSine Samaritan AVIATION PAD-PAK with TSO-C142a is for aircraft use only and is TSO C-142a compliant. 


  • Includes one set of defibrillation pads and battery
  • One expiration date for worry-free maintenance
  • Provides over 6 hours of continuous monitoring or 60 shocks
  • Real-time CPR coaching Easy-to-understand visual and voice prompts 

Compatible with Heartsine models: