HÉROS Shears

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A highly durable trauma shear that cuts like shark’s teeth. Literally.

In an emergency, every second counts. When it comes to saving lives, trauma shears are an indispensable piece of gear. When seconds mean the difference between life and death, you want to be equipped with the best tool for the job.

HÉROS Shears were conceived by Scott Forman, M.D., an emergency physician, avid adventurer and former international mountain guide. Frustrated with the poor design and disposable quality of standard trauma shears, Scott set out to create a tool worthy of the profession. After developing prototypes in his garage in New Mexico, Scott teamed with Sandia National Laboratories to take his product to the next level.

The HÉROS Shear you see today is the result of over 10 years of labor and love, refined based on feedback from EMTs, physicians, nurses, firefighters and other valiant warriors. The HÉROS Shears blade was inspired by the bite of a great white shark. Sharks' teeth have a unique serration pattern that makes them powerful shearing machines. We replicated that serration pattern in the HÉROS blades so you’ll have that same cutting efficiency every time. HÉROS Shears are the most effective tool for the job. Designed to be by your side season after season, they are feature-filled enough to be one of your favorite (and most bad-ass) pieces of gear.


  • Engineered for maximum torque
  • Serrated blades
  • Ring cutter
  • Integrated ripper
  • Hex key
  • Oxygen key
  • Bottle opener
  • Window punch
  • Ruler

Dimensions: " H x " W x " D
Weight: oz

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