Max Strength Wounds & Burns Ointment, 1 Oz

Marie Originals

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This Max Strength Wounds & Burns Ointment is formulated to help promote healing for burns, cuts, bedsores, diaper rash, and more. This naturally nourishing salve creates a hydrophobic barrier, while promoting an environment conducive to skin regeneration and wound repair.

The proprietary HydrOil Shield Technology employs a unique two-tiered structure, first employing lightweight emollients to provide essential moisture vital for optimal cellular activities and wound healing processes. While simultaneously formulating an occlusive barrier on top of the emollients, safeguarding the wound from excess external moisture and potential contaminants, thus maintaining a controlled healing environment conducive to efficient wound and burn recovery.


  • Seals the wound from external moisture
  • HydrOil Shield forms a physical barrier, offering superior protection against contaminants 
  • Easy application and maintenance
  • SLS, gluten, GMO and dye Free
  • No parabens, petroleum, artificial scents, or phthalates
  • Natural ingredients to suit sensitive skin types
  • Safe for children and adults