Medications Unit Dose Pack (Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Aspirin, Loperamide, Diphenhydramine, & Calcium Carbonate)

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Don't just dump a bunch of pills into a bag or bottle when you bug out, be sure they're in good shape when you need them! Rescue Essentials' Unit Dose Pack provides six of the most commonly needed medications, all in weatherproof foil packed unit doses and contained in a 3" x 4" ziplock bag. The Medications Unit Dose Pack is perfect for re-stocking your IFAK. FDA labeling info on each foil pack assures that you know what you're taking - or giving.

Looking for a convenient way to store all of these meds? Checkout the OTC Med Book for superior organization and convenience.

Each ziplock bag contains:

6   Ibuprofen, 2 packs
6   Acetaminophen, 2 packs
4   Aspirin, 2 packs
4   Loperamide HCl (anti-diarrheal) tablets
6   Diphenhydramine (antihistamine) Caplets
4   Calcium Carbonate (antacid), 2 packs

Weight: 1.6 oz


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  • 5
    Absolutely essential

    Posted by Austin Muench on 06 23 2024

    I’ve purchased this med packs for years and keep them stashed in bags and vehicles. This pack was very useful on our honeymoon trip when my wife and I both became sick and pretty much drained this kit

  • 5

    Posted by James on 05 26 2023

    This is a great idea to have the most used medications in a single bag that can be placed in a range bag or small first aid kit and not have to buy 6 different boxes of individual medications.

  • 5
    Medications Unit Dose Pack

    Posted by Brian on 10 27 2022

    These have made confident travel possible for the past years. Usually don’t have what you need in the middle of the night, especially out-of-country, but now you do. Simple OTC meds to the rescue.

  • 4
    Comprehensive and convenient modules

    Posted by Mitchell Reiser on 07 26 2022

    I use these in travel bags, vehicles and hunting/camping kits. The meds included cast a wide net over issues we might encounter.

  • 5
    Medication Pack

    Posted by Hunter on 06 07 2022

    Great variety of medication and perfect amount to split between my EDC kit and first aid kit.

  • 3
    best option but not perfect

    Posted by EMR on 03 22 2022

    I ordered 4 sets - three came as advertised but the 4th was missing the diphenhydramine. Some of the meds expire 4/2023 (13 months from now), which is sooner than I would like. However, it's hard to find a good set of first-aid kit meds, and this seems to be the best option around.

  • 5
    Medications Unit Dose Pack

    Posted by MARK on 09 14 2020

    Nice selection of meds. There are more of the ones you most likely to need and fewer of the ones you are less likely to need.

  • 4
    Good value

    Posted by mo on 08 25 2020

    Just the right amount to refresh my kit, arrived quickly and without excess packaging