Multi Trauma IFAK

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The Rescue Essentials Multi Trauma IFAK is built on our RE 500D IFAK Pouch.
This extra-capacity Individual First Aid Kit includes double the bleeding control supplies found in traditional trauma kits.
Kit contents:

2 SOFTT-W Gen 3 Tourniquets, Orange
2 H&H Compressed Gauze
2 H&H Thin H Pressure Dressings
2 H&H Dual Seal Wound/Chest Seal Packs (2 seals/pack)
2 Robertazzi Nasopharyngeal Airways, 28F
2 Nitrile Glove, Large, Pair
1 Trauma Shears, 5.5", Orange Handle
1 Sharpie Marker 

Dimensions: 6"L x 7.5"H x 4"W
Weight: 2lbs, 2oz