NAR BurnTec Burn Dressing Kit

North American Rescue

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North American Rescue® introduces advanced BurnTec® first aid dressings.

BurnTec® is FDA cleared and CE marked, and it is currently being used in Europe. This hydro-gel dressing is different from other burn first aid dressings, with its stable-sheeting hydro-gel structure. The dressing has been strengthened with a medical-grade, non-woven fabric which makes it easy to handle. The resulting stable structure eliminates the risk of spilling or damaging the cooling hydro-gel. In other words, the hydro-gel stays over the burn area and will not spill off the affected body surface area. 

BurnTec® cools the injured area and provides a soothing effect for up to 24 hours. The sterile, non-stick dressing is absorbent; it traps wound secretions and bacteria within the gel. The dressing is permeable to water vapor and oxygen but impermeable to bacteria, which further protects the wound from external contamination while allowing it to breathe. 

The material is biocompatible and does not cause allergic reactions. BurnTec® is a modern hydro-gel dressing used for a variety of skin injuries ranging from first, second, and third-degree burns (thermal, chemical, & electric). This dressing can also be utilized to provide relief from other skin injuries such as sunburns, abrasions, bruises, swelling, or insect bites. Immediate application of the dressing reduces the risk of hypertrophic scars. The non-stick properties allows for painless replacement of the dressing and it does not destroy granulation or new epithelium.

  • Easy to handle without spilling or damaging the hydrogel
  • Cool, soothing effect for up to 24 hours
  • Impermeable to bacteria
  • Biocompatible and hypoallergenic
  • Reduces risk of hypertrophic scars

For use in the following situations:

  • First, second and third-degree burns (thermal, chemical, electric)
  • Sunburns
  • Abrasions and skin irritations
  • Bruises and swelling (insect bites)
  • Other skin injuries


1  Burntec Carrying Case
1  2" x 2" Burntec Burn Dressing
1  2.5" x 5" Burntec Burn Dressing
1  4" x 4" Burntec Burn Dressing
1  5" x 5" Burntec Burn Dressing
1  5" x 10" Burntec Burn Dressing
1  8" x 8" Burntec Burn Dressing
1  4" x 16" Burntec Burn Dressing
1  8.5" x 11" Burntec Burn Dressing
1  8" x 16" Burntec Burn Dressing
1  10" x 10" Burntec Burn Facemask
1  12" x 16" Burntec Burn Facemask

Dimensions: 12" H x 15.5" W x 3.5" D
Weight: 6 lb 4 oz

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*Ships To U.S. Destinations Only


Dimensions: 12" H x 15.5" W x 3.5" D
Weight: 6 lbs  4 oz

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