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Intended specifically for professionals in health care, law enforcement, or for anyone that encounters pungent environments, NOSA Plugs provide the user with discrete odor protection. The plugs allow you to breathe normally through your nose, while blocking out foul odors. NOSA Plugs provide a fresh menthol scent so you can concentrate on your job and not the distracting smells. Constructed with medical grade plastic and menthol (PVC, phthalates, and latex free). Single use, up to 8 hours per day.

Key Features

  • Reduces bad odor
  • Easy to breath through
  • Discreet and comfortable
  • Widens the nostrils
  • Fresh menthol fragrance

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Dimensions: 6" H x 9.5" W x 5" D (case of 100)
Weight: 6.5 oz (case of 100)

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  • 2
    Too small

    Posted by Janette on 02 07 2022

    The nose plugs are too small. I purchased them for my 14 year old son suffering from parosmia and the plugs are too small. The odors still penetrate.

  • 5
    Life saver

    Posted by Kendel walker on 11 25 2021

    I bought this product because i am suffering from Paromisa and everyday smells are nauseating. The Nosa plugs are great at masking the smell and helping me keep my life as normal as possible. Thank you for the amazing product.

  • 5
    Very great product

    Posted by Susan Grice on 12 15 2020

    This product is a life saver. I work EMS, Deputy Coroner and also a volunteer fire fighter. I love them.

  • 5
    I ordered the medium when I should have ordered the small they are a little too big for my nostrils but work amazing

    Posted by Nikki on 12 04 2019

    Really wished I had ordered the small size as the medium is too big for my nostrils

  • 4
    Small for my nose

    Posted by Garry G on 09 25 2019

    Small for my nose and unsented options would be nice.