Physio-Control LIFEPAK 1000 AED

Physio Control

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Intended for use by professional first responders, the LIFEPAK® 1000 defibrillator is easy-to-use and durable, making it ideal for vehicle carry or other high-use environments. The automated external defibrillator (AED) boasts a large, intuitive screen, graphics and ECG readings that are clear and easy to read. Reduce CPR interruptions with the included cprMAX™ Technology which permits compressions during AED charging. This defibrillator promises a high quality performance so you can do what you do at your best.


  • Customizable care for your patient
    • Change settings to meet your protocol needs in the field
    • Manual defibrillation (AED override) option is available and comes turned on with the ECG version only (not available on the Text-only version)
    • ADAPTIV biphasic technology provides a full range of energy from 150 to 360 joules
    • 3-lead ECG function available when needed
  • Rugged
    • Most rugged defibrillator ever built by Physio-Control
    • IP55 rating
    • Semi-rigid carry case
  • Intuitive
    • Visible and accessible battery gauge
    • Large intuitive screen displays graphics and ECG readings
    • Loud voice prompts for rescue guidance
  • Upgradeable - future field therapies will build on the LIFEPAK 1000 defibrillation platform
  • Compatible with other Physio-Control products and services
    • Electrode pads from other Physio-Control devices interchangeable
    • Save time during transfer of care from lay rescuer to EMS
  • Non-rechargeable battery can deliver more than 425 shocks
  • Options
    • Rechargeable battery* for extended ECG monitoring or high usage environments
    • ECG display

Professional Review:
"The Physio Control Lifepak 1000 is a professional device and has an incredible number of features that trained responders, like myself, absolutely love. Let’s start with the fact that it allows for customizable care for your patient so you can change settings to meet your protocol needs in the field; switch to Manual Defibrillation, which overrides the AED’s functions; use ADAPTIV biphasic technology to provide a full range of energy from 150 to 360 joules and use the 3-lead ECG function when needed. There is so much more to love about this AED, almost too much to write in a short review!"

Reviewed by: Wes Wagoner EMT

What's Included:

  • LIFEPAK® 1000 AED with 5-Year Warranty
  • Two Sets of QUIK-COMBO REDI-PAK Electrode Pads
  • Long-Life AED Battery
  • Semi-Rigid Carry Case with Adjustable Strap

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Dimensions: 3.4" H x 9.2" W x 10.9" D
Weight: 7.1 lbs