Pocket Survival Kit

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This is not the "end all/be all" of survival kits, but it does cover some of the most oft-needed basics. A good buy at $15.00 that will allow you to grab a couple - one for the car and one for your pack. 14 key items to help you survive the unexpected night out. All sealed in an airtight, watertight resealable bag that measures 4" x 5". No fish hooks or monofilament line here since you won't be out long enough to enjoy any fishing time.

Contents (and their uses):
1   20mm Compass - (Find your way if lost.)
1   5' Orange Reflective Flagging Tape - (Use to mark your trail for return or for others.)
1   Pealess Safety Whistle - (Signal your location to others)
1   72" Peel-able Duct Tape - (Endless number of uses.)
2   Safety Pins - (One of the best improvisational tools you can have.)
2   Paper Clips - (Easily bendable for fixing your gear.)
1   8' Nylon Cord - (Secure shelter, build a snare, lash limbs)
1   Plastic Signal Mirror - (Signal your location)
1   Single Edge Razor Blade - (Serves many cutting purposes)
1   12" x 24" Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil - (Fashion a drinking vessel. Reflect heat. Signal device.)
1   Fresnal Magnifying Lens - (Start a fire with sunlight. See better.)
1   Pocket Survival Guide - (Offers important information and tips to survive.)

Dimensions: 5" H x 3" W x 1" D
Weight: 2.6 oz


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