New Public Access Bleeding Control Kit

New Public Access Bleeding Control Kit

Posted by Nick Disparti on 06 09 2016

Rescue Essentials has just released the first in a series of new Public Access Bleeding Control Kits. These kits, built in collaboration with the Denver International Airport and Nashville Metropolitan Airport Authority provide the critical medical components needed to rapidly control severe external hemorrhage. Designed to fit into existing public space AED boxes, the new bleeding control kits can be cost effectively implemented without the need for expensive AED box modifications.

No matter how fast EMS responds, a person can bleed to death in as little as five minutes. Rapid, public access to bleeding control products reduces time to treatment and saves lives in incidents of severe hemorrhage. This is the basis for the Department of Homeland Security's "Stop the Bleed" program, a nationwide campaign to empower individuals to act quickly and save lives.

The Rescue Essentials Bleeding Control Kit provides two separate, identical Bleeding Control Modules containing the medical products needed to "Stop the Bleed". This compact kit is designed to fit into most existing AED cabinets without costly modifications. High visibility color and clearly labeled "BLEEDING CONTROL", this kit allows individuals to act immediately to control the loss of blood from injuries resulting in severe external hemorrhage.