The NEW TrueClot Basic Wound Packing Trainer

Posted by Rescue Essentials on 23 2020

The NEW TrueClot Basic Wound Packing Trainer

Students and instructors have a new, dry training option in the TrueClot® Basic Packing Trainer (BPT), which allows for multiple repetitions without the mess when learning to pack large-caliber gunshot wounds.

"We are excited to introduce the TrueClot BPT as a stand-alone item as well as part of our new Instructor kit,” said Jim Seidel, CEO of Rescue Essentials. “This product allows instructors to set up several dry training stations for student practice before they move over to the wet training stations using the TrueClot Task Trainers. This combination creates a more realistic and complete training system for enhanced bleeding control skills development.”

Here are some of the BPT’s secrets to success:

1. By repeatedly practicing correct wound packing techniques with the dry TrueClot Basic Packing Trainer (BPT), students develop muscle memory to hone their bleeding control skills before moving on to the TrueClot Wound Packing Task Trainer, which uses TrueClot Blood Simulant and TrueClot Simulated Hemostatic Gauze.

2. The wound cavity in the TrueClot Basic Packing Trainer (BPT) is the same size as the wound cavity students would encounter in the TrueClot Wound Packing Task Trainer.

3. The TrueClot Basic Packing Trainer (BPT) kit comes with 7 feet of training compression gauze, more than enough to pack the wound cavity and serve as an external pressure pad on top of the wound. The nonsterile gauze is made of greige cotton, which gives it the feel of the non-woven poly/rayon hemostatic clotting gauzes commonly used to stop bleeding.

4. When being transported from training site to training site or classroom to classroom, the TrueClot Basic Packing Trainer (BPT) can be safely secured in its own storage can.

5. The silicone used to give the TrueClot Basic Packing Trainer (BPT) its durability and realistic feel has its roots in Hollywood. It comes from special effects silicone manufacturer Smooth-On, whose products have been used in movies such as Jaws, Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean.

6. The base of the TrueClot Basic Packing Trainer (BPT) was designed to be a suction cup so it would stay in place while even the most aggressive students are packing the wound. Sure, you can stick it to the wall, too, but why?