Salty Britches Chafing Ointment (Single Use) - 10 Pack

Salty Britches

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This Salty Britches Chafing Ointment was created to offer a soothing, long-lasting barrier against skin irritation from windburn, friction, chafing, and blister generating activity caused by skin-on-skin, gear-on-skin, or clothing-on-skin movement. This ointment is long lasting and will not sweat or rub off. Perfect for preventing skin irritation in all weather types.

Single use packs of Salty Britches Chafing Ointment are 0.1 Fl oz (3mL) per pack and is perfect for lightweight packing. Take on the trail, run, hike, or beach with lightweight convenience. Notched tear makes it easy to open.


  • Single use
  • Easy to open
  • Designed to prevent and soothe chafing
  • Preservative-free
  • No animal testing
  • Works in amphibious operations
  • Long lasting protection that doesn't require constant re-application
  • Pack of 10 (single use)

Weight: 0.1 fl. oz 
Quantity: 10 per pack