Spyderco Tri-Angle SharpMaker, 204MF


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Keep your tools as-sharp-as-new with the Tri-Angle SharpMaker - the (almost) fool-proof kit to keep your blades on point.

This kit includes two different positions to help you maintain proper angles of 30 degrees (15 degrees each side) or 40 degrees (20 degrees each side). The design allows you to sharpen a plain blade by keeping the knife vertical while drawing the blade across the sharpening stones. Serrated blades can also be sharpened with this device by running the notches down the stone.

This kit contains the following, which can all be packed into the base (stand) for a self-contained system:

  • Two sets of high alumina ceramic stones
    • One pair of medium-grit (brown) stones for aggressive sharpening
    • One pair of fine (white) stones for professional-grade finishing
  • One set of aluminum safety rods that protect your hands while sharpening
  • ABS plastic base for setting angles
  • Instruction book
  • DVD guide that shows how to sharpen knives, scissors, awls, and more