Sting Relief Wipes (10 pack)

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Ten Sting Relief pads, individually packaged and contained in a resealable bag. 

Active Ingredients: Benzocaine, 6% w/v (topical anesthetic) & Isopropyl Alcohol, 60% w/v (antiseptic)

Weight: 0.4 oz


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    Sting Relief Pads

    Posted by Nancy Gates on 07 27 2018

    I have a medical kit in my camper that I needed to replenish. The Sting Relief Pads are one of the products that I bought to do so. These pads are the right size at a very nice price!

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    Often Overlooked but Essential

    Posted by Phelps on 04 11 2018

    I had one of these (just one) included in a RE boo-boo kit that I bought for my EDC. I ended up using it speculatively when my nine year old nephew got stung in the face by a jellyfish, of all things. It was the only thing I could think to do, and it turned out to be EXACTLY the right thing -- took the sting right away. Since then, I've replaced the one with multiples in every kit I put together, and I never would have even known it existed if RE hadn't thrown it in.

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    The best there is...

    Posted by CMoore on 03 29 2018

    Luckily I had these on hand when the wife and I "found" a nest of ground wasp (again). Took the pain away faster than anything else we had ever tried. Simply the best. (YEs, the nest is gone, again.)

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    Very handy and easy to pack

    Posted by Nathan on 02 04 2017

    I love buying things like this from Rescue Essentials because I don't have to buy 1000 of them, just enough for each of my bags. Rescue Essentials packs them in nice small ziplock bags which are quality made.