Sting Relief Wipes (10 pack)

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Ten Sting Relief pads, individually packaged and contained in a resealable bag. These pads are designed to provide temporary relief of pain and itching associated with minor burns, scrapes and insect bites. Sting relief pads are for external use only.

Active Ingredients: Benzocaine, 6% w/v (topical anesthetic) & Isopropyl Alcohol, 60% w/v (antiseptic)

Weight: 0.4 oz


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    Sting Relief Pads

    Posted by Nancy Gates on 07 27 2018

    I have a medical kit in my camper that I needed to replenish. The Sting Relief Pads are one of the products that I bought to do so. These pads are the right size at a very nice price!

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    Often Overlooked but Essential

    Posted by Phelps on 04 11 2018

    I had one of these (just one) included in a RE boo-boo kit that I bought for my EDC. I ended up using it speculatively when my nine year old nephew got stung in the face by a jellyfish, of all things. It was the only thing I could think to do, and it turned out to be EXACTLY the right thing -- took the sting right away. Since then, I've replaced the one with multiples in every kit I put together, and I never would have even known it existed if RE hadn't thrown it in.

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    The best there is...

    Posted by CMoore on 03 29 2018

    Luckily I had these on hand when the wife and I "found" a nest of ground wasp (again). Took the pain away faster than anything else we had ever tried. Simply the best. (YEs, the nest is gone, again.)

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    Very handy and easy to pack

    Posted by Nathan on 02 04 2017

    I love buying things like this from Rescue Essentials because I don't have to buy 1000 of them, just enough for each of my bags. Rescue Essentials packs them in nice small ziplock bags which are quality made.