ThoraSite Anatomical Landmark Guide (5 Pack)

SAM Medical

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ThoraSite provides a safer approach to the pleural space by pinpointing the procedure site. This anatomical landmark guide, helps in identifying the proper intercostal space for lateral thoracostomies and procedures alike. The lightweight and compact design allows it to easily fit inside IFAKs.

This pack includes 5 guides.


  • Safe Zone Window: Highlighted alignment area safely guides user to the appropriate procedure site.
  • Perforated Release: Created for quick removal when discarding to minimize interference with other devices or procedures.
  • Alignment Arrow: Designed to align the device with the patient’s anterior iliac crest/hip.
  • Axilla Hook: Developed to be inserted into the patient’s axilla for device alignment between the anterior axillary line (AAL) and the midaxillary line (MAL).
  • Bilateral Application: Dual sided device accommodates procedures on both patients’ left and right side.
  • Night Vision Optimized: Developed with HI-VIZ, capabilities the black-yellow contrast is ideal for visibility in low-light or night conditions and is compatible with night vision devices.
  • Radiolucent Material: Composed of materials compatible with X-rays imaging, eliminating the need for guide removal.
  • Durable Flex: Constructed to bend and adapt to patient anatomy while maintaining the Safe Zone Window spatial integrity.

Download Instructions for Use Guide Here