ZOLL AED Plus Hard Sided Carry Case (Reg or Large Size)


$265.00 - $330.00
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The ZOLL AED Plus Hard Sided Carry Case is a waterproof carrying case that offers added safeguarding to any AED even in the most challenging conditions. Ideal for marine use or storing the AED in your vehicle's trunk, this case features a sealing "O-ring" to protect your ZOLL AED Plus against dust and moisture infiltration. 

Large size offers a compartment for storage of extra electrodes.


  • Waterproof
  • Hard-sided
  • Extremely durable
  • Includes an "0- ring" seal to insulate AED from dust and moisture
  • Compatible with ZOLL AED Plus models  

Dimensions: regular size - 13"H x 17"W x 7"D, large size - 19"H x 19"W x 7.5"D