36 Hour Survival Candle


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This candle comes in a metal can somewhat larger than a big can of boot polish, and contains three wicks. You will get a 36 hour burn out of this item only if you burn one wick at a time. With all three wicks burning at the same time the candle burns only 12 hours. If you burn one wick at a time, rotate the burning of the wicks every three hours if possible, to burn the wax down evenly. Each wick will give about as much light as a regular candle. As the wax burns down in similar products, the sides of the can will start interfering with the light moving away from the candle in a horizontal direction. But the sides of this can aren't high, so this problem is minimal. These candles are good if you are on the move as the can protects it from breaking, unlike a regular candle.

Dimensions: 4" diameter x 1½" Height
Weight: 7½ oz