Ambu SPUR II Pediatric/Infant/Neonatal BVM


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The Ambu SPUR II manual resuscitator (BVM) has a highly responsive bag with minimal mechanical resistance. This BVM has exceptional tactile and visual feedback during resuscitation and is designed to provide optimum stroke volume with perfect recoil.


  • Static magnetic field of 3-Tesla or less
  • Spatial gradient magnetic field of 720-Gauss/cm or less
  • Single-shutter valve system for reliable functionality
  • Integrated handle for user comfort and uniform compression
  • Thin-walled compression bag allows for lung compliance and “feel”
  • SafeGrip™ surface for secure handling in stressful environments
  • Easy attachment of manometer and PEEP valve MR conditional
  • Pediatric max tidal volume is approx. 450 ml
  • Bag reservoir volume is approx. 2600 ml
  • Patient connector: 22/15 mm (IS0)
  • Expiratory connector: 30 mm
(1)   Bag Reservoir
(2)   Neonate Mask
(2)   Infant Mask
(2)   Toddler Mask
(1)   Medication Port