CombiCarrierII® Head Immobilizer

Hartwell Medical

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The CombiCarrierII® Head Immobilizer was designed to be used in conjunction with the award-winning CombiCarrierII to stablize a patient's head and neck during transport by minimizing lateral movement while still allowing access to a patient's neck and ears. The integration with this head immobilizer and the carrier does not inhibit access to the latching mechanism on the carrier, minimizing movement during patient transfer. Constructed of vinyl-dipped NBR, the CombiCarrierII head immobilizer is easily cleaned and requires minimal storage space.

  • Simple to use and easy to clean
  • X-Ray compatible
  • Allows rescuers to easily operate the latch mechanism on the CombiCarrierII
  • Base plate can be left on the device when stored, saving valuable on-scene time
  • Replacement component parts can be ordered separately
  • Also fits on many 16” width backboards common in the industry today
  • Made in USA
  • NEW! Tactical Black Version for use with the Tactical/Military CombiCarrierII in OD Green

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