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Designed for the medic or technician that will not compromise on balance or agility, this larger version of the award winning Adjusta-Pro radio chest harness is really a tool carrying platform. Lighter and cooler than a load bearing vest, the Tool Chest is built entirely out of CORDURA® nylon, and can carry a wide assortment of items. Its large cargo pocket hinges open to reveal a multitude of dividers and elastic keepers. The top flap has an hourglass holster for instant access to trauma shears. Directly under the cargo pocket are two side mount pockets for multi tools, gloves, etc. There is even an elastic keeper for a Mini Mag or Laser products flashlight. Of course the Tool Chest also carries any radio or cell phone in complete comfort and security. The 2" elastic & web suspension guarantees that the Tool Chest will ride as well as the Adjusta-Pro when skiing, climbing caged ladders, or crawling into overturned vehicles. Whether you are a flight medic, telephone lineman, or a racing crew specialist, the Tool Chest will make your life easier.

Contents not included

Dimensions: 9.5" W x 10" L (main front panel)
Weight:12.3 oz


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    Conterra Tool chest, Roo pouch and Clip Ons'

    Posted by James Huffaker on 11 14 2023

    My 3rd. I use it as a first round trauma/airway bag. The only improvement is if it had some Molly. That way I could put CAT/SOF tourniquets outside, leaving more room inside. What Contera says is true, it sits close to your center mass, maintaining balance considering its volume. The radio pouch adjusts from your agency radio to your cell and is positioned such that speaker mics are most often unnecessary. I typically add their XF belt pack for more capability. Keeps everything out of the muck and I can reposition it around my waist depending on the circumstances.

  • 5
    Tool chest review

    Posted by Benjamin Bossard on 07 04 2020

    I love this tool chest. Everything is neat and organized and easily accessible. Thank you all so much

  • 3
    conterra tool chest radio harness

    Posted by Lowell on 03 18 2019

    Made for a small person. Still haven't decided if I want to keep it.

  • 4
    Life changing piece of gear

    Posted by Jason Apperson on 01 16 2016

    I am a set lighting technician in Los Angeles. I work on TV shows, movies and commercials and have been toying with different tool belts for several years now. I've reduced my kit down to pretty bare essentials, but the weight and bulk of a tool belt has been a pain. Coupled with a recent film shoot in an El Niño induced downpour, I decided it was time to try a chest rig. Something that would allow me to keep everything under my rain jacket, off of my belt, and out of the way when I want to sit down. I shopped some film specific models but this one caught my eye. The tool pouch on it is a great size. It had everything I'd need and nothing I didn't. Now, after two 12-14 hour days, I can report that this "Tool Chest" was worth the investment. In the pouch I carry a 10-in-1 screwdriver, a pair of diagonal cutters (dikes), my Gerber multi tool, several sharpies and pens, a miniature 8-in-1 screwdriver, a 6" crescent wrench, and a small notepad, plus my iPhone 6 Plus. And there's still room for more. A surefire flashlight fits great in the pocket below the pouch and the other horizontal Velcro pocket perfectly fits an Allen key set that I frequently use. I use a non-contact voltage tester every day at work, and that fits great in the elastic loop next to the main tool pouch. The radio pocket holds my Motorola walkie talkie securely in place and the bands on the shoulder strap do a great job of holding the antenna down and out of my face, as well as holding the wires from my surveillance headset in place. My sunglasses hang securely off of the D ring on the left side of the rig, and I also carry a small pair of electricians scissors in the shear pocket at the top of the rig. I may add the optional pieces later, but I'm pretty happy with how it's working for now. There are a few things I would like to improve on the "tool chest" that would make it a perfect 5 star item. (It's pretty petty stuff, but I'm trying to be fair and honest in my review.) I wish there was a Velcro field on the front to put patches on, just like a tactical vest, for things like blood type and allergy ID or even name tags. I also find myself having to remove the belt clip from my walkie talkie to keep it from being pressed uncomfortably in to my chest. A minor annoyance, until hour 14 with that thing digging in to my chest muscles. The last complaint, and I wish I could post a photo to better explain it, is that when the main pouch is filled with the items I've listed, the edges flop open a bit, and the flap cover doesn't cover over those bulged areas. If I lean too far forward, items can fall out from either side of the cover flap. All of these things are minor cosmetic or petty annoyances that I think I'll be able to solve on my own as I use this rig more frequently. All in all, I'm in love with how this piece of gear has freed up my belt, and taken some weight off my hips. I have already sung its praises to multiple coworker's who have found this rig very appealing, especially when compared to other models on the market.