Defibtech Lifeline VIEW Electrodes (Pediatric or Adult)


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These electrode pads are designed for broad external use on pediatric or adult patients with the Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED. Should your original pads from the Defibtech VIEW AED be utilized in a rescue or have reached their expiration date, these pads serve as suitable replacements.

Adult electrode pads are recommended for use on patients over the age of 8, or more than 55 lbs in body weight. 

Pediatric/child electrode pads are recommended for use on patients less than 8 years of age and less than 55 lbs in body weight. 

Instructions for use:  
1. Remove clothing from patient's chest. (If necessary, shave excessive chest hair)
2. Tear open pads package.
3. Peal pads from the blue liner.
4. Apply pads to patient's bare chest as shown on the package.