EMT Tools Kit

Rescue Essentials®

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The Rescue Essentials EMT Tools kit is built on the new RE EMT Tools MultiHolster. This next generation holster is designed to hold the small EMT tools that can easily be lost inside a larger medical kit. Shears, scissors, hemostats, penlights, tweezers, knives, multi-tools and small flashlights can all fit into the MultiHolster. Designed to meet the demands of todays operational medicine environments, the EMT Tools MultiHolster can be belt mounted, MOLLE mounted or hook & loop mounted, providing the flexibility to store your tools in a variety of different environments for rapid access.


1  Tactical Shears, 7.5"
1  Disposable Penlight
1  Listor Bandage Scissors, 5.5"
1  Hemostat, 5.5
1  Multi Holster

Dimensions: 4.75" H x 7.75" W



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