Enhanced ARS for Needle Decompression (10ga or 14ga)

North American Rescue

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North American Rescue is responding to evidence-based medicine by introducing the Enhanced ARS (Air Release System) as an enhanced option within their needle decompression product line. The Enhanced ARS incorporates a range of purposeful features tailored to effectively tackle the identified needs identified through data analysis.

The Enhanced ARS showcases an upgraded needle tip design, featuring a bi-bevel, tapered tip that is exceptionally sharp akin to a scalpel. This design improvement enhances precision when penetrating different types and thicknesses of tissue.

In comparison to conventional non-fenestrated catheters, the newly introduced fenestrated catheter in the Enhanced ARS demonstrates statistically significant enhancements in relieving tension and preventing distal catheter occlusion. With its three fenestrations, combined with the catheter tip, the device provides four distinct paths for air to be released, optimizing its effectiveness.

The Enhanced ARS includes a flexible catheter meticulously designed to minimize instances of catheter kinking. It is available in two size options: 14ga x 3.25-inch and 10ga x 3.25-inch (8.25cm), ensuring compatibility with diverse protocols. To ensure optimal protection, the Enhanced ARS is securely housed in a robust, rigid hard plastic case, equipped with NAR's Red Tip Technology and a textured cap that enhances grip when opening. The case incorporates a convenient pen clip for secure transport and features color-coded sterility seals that simplify gauge and sterility identification. For easy reference, accordion-folded instructions for use are affixed to each needle case.


  • Improved needle tip design with “scalpel” sharp, bi-bevel, tapered needle tip.
  • Three fenestrations, combined with the catheter tip, deliver four paths for air to escape.
  • Centimeter graduated catheter for safer placement.
  • Flexible catheter is designed to decrease incidence of catheter kinking.
  • Hard-shell “pen like” protective sterile packaging.
  • 10ga or 14ga size options


Dimensions: 5.7"H x 0.8"W x 0.7"D
Weight: 0.6 oz