LifeStraw Mission, 12L


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The LifeStraw technology has been utilized to create a large-volume gravity water filter. Ideal for camping, group outdoor expeditions, traveling, or for emergency / survival preparedness. The 12 liter bag makes it easy filter enough water for a group of people, or have "on demand" access to clean water at camp. The gravity-powered filter means you don't have to pump or boil water before drinking. Simply fill the bag from a stream or lake, hang it on a sturdy tree branch, and let gravity do the work. The LifeStraw filter system traps bacteria, parasites, and viruses, providing you with drinkable water when and where you need it.

  • High performance purification technology removes viruses, bacteria, parasites and microplastics
  • Includes a 12 liter gravity bag, with quick-connect hose, purification cartridge and built-in backwashing system
  • Compact and lightweight: just 1.17 lbs with high volume capacity to purify 12 liters per hour
  • Lifetime of 4,755 gallons (18,000 liters), enough for 5 people for over 3 years

Download the User Manual PDF Here