LifeVac Travel Kit


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The LifeVac Travel Kit was designed as an non-powered, non-intrusive, disposable airway clearance tool designed to revive an individual experiencing airway blockage, especially when traditional choking rescue procedures have proven ineffective. Featuring a one-way valve, LifeVac prevents any air from entering the victim's airway during the downward suction phase, ensuring minimal suction duration for safety and effectiveness. This emergency airway device is straightforward to operate in situations of obstructed breathing.


  • Non-invasive airway clearance device
  • Perfect for Emergency Services, nurses, support workers, and laypeople. Implemented in fire departments, police departments & rescue squads all over the US and worldwide.
  • Can be used on adults and children. (LifeVac can be utilized starting at 22 pounds based on the mask manufacturer's general guidelines for a proper fit.)
  • Simple to use and can also be administered on yourself.


1 Adult mask
1 Pediatric mask
1 Suction Device
1 Instruction Guide
1 Travel Bag