Marine Responder 920 Hard Case First Aid Kit

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The Marine Responder 920 Hard Case First Aid Kit provides a comprehensive, organized selection of first aid and trauma management components for handling a wide variety of medical emergencies including Orthopedic Injuries, Major Bleeding, Minor Wounds, Airway Management, Burns, and Hypothermia. Built to meet and exceed USCG CFR 160.041 requirements. The Marine Responder 920 Hard Case First Aid Kit provides additional components for a far more comprehensive offering than standard marine first aid kits.

The Mil-Spec injection molded Hard Case kit is waterproof, shockproof, and built to withstand the rigors of marine and industrial environments. Clear identification labels on all sides ensure that the kit can be identified as a first aid kit no matter how it’s stored in a vessel or facility. 

The Marine Responder 920 Hard Case First Aid Kit includes the following (each module is organized in the Rescue Essentials Med Module pouches and packed within a Nanuk 920 hard case): 

Major Bleeding
1   SOF Tourniquet, Gen 5
2   Compressed Wound Packing Gauze
1   4” Emergency Pressure Dressing
1   Hypothermia Blanket
1   Hyfin Compact Chest Seal Twin Pack
1   Medic Tape

Airway Management
1   Pocket BVM
1   Oropharyngeal Airway Kit
1   Nasopharyngeal Airway Kit
1   Tactical Suction Kit

Orthopedic Injuries
1   Sam Splint, 36”
2   Sam Finger Splint
2   Elastic Bandage 4”
2   Elastic Bandage 2”
1   Cohesive Wrap
1   Cold Pack
3   Triangular Bandage

Minor Wounds
2   ABD Pad, 5” x 9”
10 Gauze Pads 4” x 4”
8   Gauze Pads, 2” x 2”
2   Non Adherent Pad, 3” x 4”
3   Conforming Stretch Gauze, 4”
2   Fox Eye Shield
25 Adhesive Bandage, 1” x 3”
10 Knuckle Bandage
5   Oval Adhesive Pad, 2” x 3”
5   Fingertip Bandage
1   Adhesive Tape, 1” x 10yds
12 Steri Strips ¼” x 3”
6   Tincture of Benzoin Vials
6   Moleskin 2” x 3”
3   Petrolatum Gauze, 3” x 18”
1   Wound Irrigation Set

1   Eye Wash, 4oz
1   SalJet Rinse
5   Water Jel Burn Jel
2   Oral Glucose
8   Meclinzine Tablets, 25mg
10 Alcohol Wipe
10 Sting Relief Pad
10 Iodine Prep Pad
10 Hydrocortisone 1% Cream
10 Triple Antibiotic Ointment
10 BZK Towlette
3   Rehydration Powder
5   Ammonia Inhalant 

1   EMT Shears, 7.5”
1   Lister Bandage Scissors, 5.5”
1   Stainless Steel Tweezers, 4.5”
1   Digital Thermometer
4   Nitrile Glove, L, Pair




Dimensions: 13.4" H x 16.7" W x 6.8" D
Weight: 13 lbs

Bleeding ControlAirway ManagementRespirationHypothermiaSplinting / OrthoMinor WoundsOTC Meds & TopicalsToolsPersonal Protection

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    One item missing!

    Posted by Mike on 01 05 2023

    What I like: organization and labelling is great case is awesome, especially the latches What I don't like: And this is a logic test: Operative word, "Marine". How is it that they did not include motion sickness meds in a MARINE responder first aid kit? That's it.... off to buy motion sickness tabs....