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**This kit may require a 3-4 week lead time. Please contact our sales team at 910-830-0286 or info@rescue-essentials.com for more information.

The Rescue Essentials O2 Delivery Kit contains all the BLS supplies you need for airway and respiration management in the field contained in one bag for easy transport to patient sites. The kit has two carry options, the Conterra Basic O2 Bag or the Meret Recover Pro Backpack.

The Rescue Essentials O2 delivery kit contains:

1   D Cylinder with Post Valve
1   O2 regulator, 0-25LPM with 1 barb and 1 DISS power takeoff
1   O2 Connector Tubing (7 ft 3/16" I.D.)
2   Non Rebreather Masks
2   Nasal Cannulas
1   Berman Airway Set
1   Pocket BVM
1   Conterra Basic O2 Bag or Meret Recover Pro Backpack

NOTE: O2 Cylinders are shipped empty for safety reasons.

Dimensions: 22" H x 11" W x 9" D
Weight: 10 lbs 13 oz

To ensure best quality and timely delivery, we may substitute items in our kits and modules with products of equal or better quality.

Dimensions: 22" H x 11" W x 9" D
Weight: 10 lbs 13 oz